Shinko Tires supports the XDA racers!

Shinko Tires continues their support as the class sponsor of the Shinko Tires Crazy 8ís class. The Shinko Tires Crazy 8ís class is designed for street legal bikes to compete on a fixed 8.88 Index on a .400 Pro Tree. This awesome class has been around for the last decade and gives budget street bike racers a chance to do side by side battle at the XDA!

The FBR Shop is always set-up on the vendor midway and will be selling Shinko Tires at all XDA events for the season. So be sure to stop by and get your Shinko tires, so you are glued to the track!

A big thank you goes to Scott Casper and Kyle Isaacs from Shinko Tires for their support of the XDA racers!

Support those that support your sport!

For more info on Shinko Tires, visit their website at    

2019 XDA Schedule
Apr 26-28: MDIR
May 31-Jun 2: VMP
Jun 21-23: MDIR
Jul 26-28: MDIR
Aug 23-25: VMP
Sept 20-22: MDIR