MPS supports the XDA racers

MPS continues their support as the class sponsor of the MPS Pro E.T. class. The MPS Pro E.T. class is the largest class at every XDA event and features a guaranteed $3,000 to win on Saturday and another $3,000 to win on Sunday at every event. This is the highest payout for the Pro E.T. class over any other series with a shot at $6,000 to win in one weekend for just a $120 entry fee over 2 days. Re-Entry is only $40.

Be sure to stop by and see MPS on the vendor midway during an XDA event and check out their great product line for dragbikes and street bikes.

A big thank you goes to Dan Rudd from MPS for his support of the XDA racers!

For more info on MPS, visit their website at

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Apr 24-26: MDIR
May 15-17: VMP
Jun 19-21: MDIR
Jul 24-26: MDIR
Aug 21-23: VMP
Sept 18-20: MDIR