Pingel signs as new XDA supporter

Pingel has signed on as a new Supporting Associate Sponsor at the XDA!

Pingel Enterprise, Inc. founded in 1967, is owned by Wayne and Donna Pingel and is a manufacturer and distributor of Motorcycle Performance Products. Wayne became a motorcyclist when purchasing his first two-wheeler in 1960. His interest in motorcycles developed into his own company named Motorsport that started out occupying a two-car garage in Palatine, Illinois with Wayne doing custom fabrication of “Chopper” type motorcycles and Harley-Davidson engine rebuilding. He also found time to build choppers for himself.

Wayne’s mechanical ability was developed through his upbringing on the family farm in the Midwest and generated his desire to work with his hands and fabricate things. This background helped Wayne to design and manufacture his own products. So in 1973 the company started manufacturing its own products and developed into a mail order enterprise with the creation of a catalog and national advertising, selling to consumers, dealers and distributors and focusing on products for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Independence generated through mail order allowed the Pingels to move from their original location in a heavily populated suburban area near Chicago to a more rural setting in Wisconsin in 1979 which now occupies 51,000 square feet of space.

As time went by, the company became more involved in manufacturing motorcycle drag racing products. To offer more to the racer, the company then started distributing other product lines.

Pingel Enterprise, Inc. sells their products worldwide. The catalog is the best in the market, bringing a varied combination of products for both Harley-Davidson and import motorcycles. The complete product line is also available on the website.

To best show these products to the racer, the Pingels started traveling to national events in 1983 with a van load of products for sale and a table for displaying them. The company now takes their product line “on the road.”

A huge thank you goes to Wayne and Donna Pingel from Pingel for their support of the XDA racers!

For more info on Pingel, visit their website at

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