Virginia Motorsports Park now selling VP Racing Fuels

Attention XDA Racers... Virginia Motorsports Park is now carrying VP Racing Fuels for 2020 and beyond!

VMP is excited to now offer VP Racing Fuels at VMP for the 2020 season and beyond. Currently, we will be stocking VP110 (110 Octane), C12 (112 Octane), X16 (116 Octane), Q16, C23, C25 in 5-gallon pails while M1 will be in drums. If you would like to make a special order for VP Racing Fuels, please send an e-mail to

Fuel can be purchased anytime during the week and throughout the weekend's events! Anytime the track is open, the opportunity to get your fuel at VMP will be there!


Apr 24-26: MDIR
May 15-17: VMP
Jun 19-21: MDIR
Jul 24-26: MDIR
Aug 21-23: VMP
Sept 18-20: MDIR