Voodoo Custom Motorcycle Components supports the XDA racers

Voodoo Custom Motorcycle Components continues their support at the XDA and they are now the new class sponsor of the Saturday Bracket Bash.

The VooDoo Bracket Bash will pay $3,000 to win, $500 to Runner-Up, $150 to Semis, $75 to 1/4 Finals and $50 to 1/8 Finals. The entry fee for the VooDoo Bracket Bash is only $65, which is lower than last year’s Pro ET race on Saturday and it has the same payout! Plus, Bracket Racers can still enter Sunday’s MPS Pro ET race for $5,000 to win or Sunday’s Brock’s Performance Street ET race for $1,500 to win!

The VooDoo Bracket Race will feature splitting Brock’s Performance Street ET bikes in the front of each round of eliminations and MPS Pro ET bikes in the back of each round, so more Street ET racers run each other every round.

Voodoo Custom Motorcycle Components manufacturers racing exhausts and Billet Clutch Covers for all your performance needs!

Voodoo Custom Motorcycle Components is also a sponsor in the XDA contingency program. Voodoo Custom Motorcycle Components has posted a total contingency this year of $17,780 for their Voodoo exhaust systems, Clutch Covers and Oil Pans with their logo.

A big thank you goes to Rob Uecker from Voodoo Custom Motorcycle Components for his support of the XDA racers!

For more info on Voodoo Custom Motorcycle Components, visit their website at www.voodoomoto.com.

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If you are interested in becoming an XDA sponsor, please email jason@mbpevents.com.

For more information about the XDA, please visit www.XDAracing.com.   


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