Team Money Cycles is back at the XDA

Team Money Cycles (TMC) will once again be hosting their Sound Competition and Bike Show that is part of their SOS Tour at the WPGC Bike Fest on July 23-25 at Maryland International Raceway and the Bike Bash at Virginia Motorsports Park on August 20-22.

Team Money Cycles (TMC), began in 2015. Their mission is to bring together individuals that share a love for customized motorcycles, outfitted with mild to extreme sound systems which could include numerous subwoofers, speakers, and amplifiers, in addition to custom paint and exotic wheels.

In addition to their focus on customized motorcycles, they have an even bigger vision. TMC strives to raise awareness to many causes that affect the lives of everyday people. They want their events to serve as the catalyst for bringing people together, while embarking on a mission to bring attention to matters of the heart.

At TMC, they strive to continuously promote positivity, creativity, and authenticity.

A big thank you goes to Rickie Will and Luisa Williams from Team Money Cycles for their support of the XDA!

For more info on Team Money Cycles, visit their website at

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