Tommie’s Motorsports supports the XDA racers

Tommie’s Motorsports continues their support as the class sponsor of the DMV Bulls class at the XDA!

The Tommie’s Motorsports DMV Bulls shootout will be run on Saturday Night during the HTP Performance Afterdark Underground at every XDA event with the “Running of the Bulls”.

The Tommie’s Motorsports DMV Bulls shootout is a Heads-Up, 1/8 mile,16-bike field Grudge Shootout designed exclusively for the Up-And-Coming Grudge Racers in the Shootout World. The DMV Bulls also has a more affordable Lock-In. Tommie Adams originally started this class for riders in the DMV area, but has also extended the invite to Up-And-Coming Grudge Racers from other areas to join in on the action. All bikes in the DMV Bulls class must be approved by Tommie Adams prior to 1st round. Any bike that has competed in the Nitrous Bulls class in the last 12 months is not eligible to compete in the DMV Bulls class.

The Tommie’s Motorsports DMV Bulls class will be run at all XDA events and will have a Championship points system to crown a Champion and Top 10!

A huge thank you goes to Tommie Adams from Tommie’s Motorsports for his support of the XDA racers!

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Apr 23-25 at MDIR
May 21-23 at VMP
Jun 18-20 at MDIR
July 23-25 at MDIR
Aug 20-22 at VMP
Sept 10-12 at VMP
Oct 8-10 at MDIR