FBR Shop supports the XDA racers

The FBR Shop continues their support at the XDA as a Supporting Associate Sponsor.

The FBR Shop is always set-up on the vendor midway selling race fuel, tires and nitrous oxide along with all of FBR Shop’s chassis and other products.

A big thank you goes to Marion Ford and Donna Ford for their support of the XDA racers!

For more info on The FBR Shop, visit their Facebook Page.

Support the companies that support your sport!

If you are interested in becoming an XDA sponsor, please email jason@mbpevents.com.

For more information about the XDA, please visit www.XDAracing.com.


Apr 22-24 at MIR
May 20-22 at VMP
Jun 17-19 at MIR
July 22-24 at MIR
Aug 26-28 at VMP
Sept 23-25 at MIR