Proof of Diaper Purchase

Have you ordered your diaper with pigmat, but it hasn't arrived yet? We have been monitoring the supply chain issue and have temporarily put the following 3 step procedure in place at XDA.



Take your engine diaper receipt to tower BEFORE you go to tech inspection. The tower will log receipt in our book and give you a "Proof of Diaper Purchase" decal.



Put your decal on the front windshield or headlight and go to Tech Inspection.



Track Officials will be making sure bikes that are required to have an engine diaper either has this decal on the front of their bike or has an Engine Diaper with pigmat on the bike.

Once your Engine Diaper with pigmat has arrived from where you ordered it, put it on your bike and discard the decal.

2023 Diaper Requirements

Pro Street all bikes
Real Street
all bikes
Pro Xtreme
all bikes
4.60 Index
all bikes
Super Stock
not required
Boosted Bulls
all bikes
Nitrous Bulls
all bikes
Monster Bulls
all bikes
DMV Bulls
all bikes
All Motor Bulls
all bikes

Grudge only bikes with power adders
Top Sportsman
only bikes with power adders
Pro ET
only bikes with power adders
Street ET
only bikes with power adders
5.60 Index
only bikes with power adders
Bracket Bash
only bikes with power adders
Gambler's Race
only bikes with power adders

Good luck to everyone in 2023


Apr 21-23 at MIR
June 2-4 at VMP
July 14-16 at MIR
Aug 25-27 at VMP
Sept 29-Oct 1 at MIR