MPS supports the XDA racers

MPS continues their support as the class sponsor of the MPS Pro E.T. class. The MPS Pro E.T. class is the largest class at the XDA and features a guaranteed series purse that is the richest in our industry!
  $5,000 to Winner
$1,500 to Runner-Up
$750 to Semis
$400 to 1/4 Finals
$150 to 1/8 Finals

MPS Pro E.T. racers have a shot at the $5,000 to win payout on Sunday, $3,000 to win payout on Saturday in the Voodoo Bracket Bash and $4,000 to win Hard Times Parts & Service Friday night Gamblerís race for a total of $12,000 to win at each XDA event!

Be sure to stop by and see MPS on the vendor midway during an XDA event and check out their great product line for dragbikes and street bikes.

A big thank you goes to Dan Rudd from MPS for his support of the XDA racers!

For more info on MPS, visit their website at

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Apr 19-21 at MIR
May 17-19 at VMP
June 28-30 at MIR
July 26-28 at MIR
Aug 23-25 at VMP
Oct 4-6 at MIR