5 Friends 1 Family supports the XDA racers

5 Friends 1 Family continues their support at the XDA with their YouTube event coverage.

5 Friends 1 Family is on site at every XDA event documenting all the action on their YouTube channel.

Marcus Beckham stated, “We don’t just record videos, WE DOCUMENT HISTORY!”

A big thank you goes to Marcus Beckham at 5 Friends 1 Family for his support of the XDA racers!

For more info on 5 Friends 1 Family, visit their YouTube channel at

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If you are interested in becoming an XDA sponsor, please email jason@mbpevents.com.

For more information about the XDA, please visit www.XDAracing.com.     


Apr 19-21 at MIR
May 17-19 at VMP
June 28-30 at MIR
July 26-28 at MIR
Aug 23-25 at VMP
Oct 4-6 at MIR