XDA Track Prep wins over weather every time


Despite a sketchy weather forecast, the Xtreme Dragbike Association (XDA) delivered an exciting round of Motorcycle Drag Racing to Virginia Motorsports Park with the 32nd annual MTC Engineering Summer Nationals.

Friday night rain took out the first qualifying session, however on Saturday, the worst day forecasted, turned out to be a clear day of racing. On Sunday night as we finished our finals, a storm came in and ended the event with four classes not completed. On Friday night after the rain, Jason Miller and Allen Carpenter stayed on the track most of the night drying it off so racing could still start at 9am sharp, a little rain wasn’t slowing down this event.

On Sunday with a 100-degree heat index, 140-degree track temps, and with 3,700’ of air, we saw a 6.69 at 218mph go up on the board! No one expected to see these numbers in the heat that this event had, but no one was expecting the track to be as tight as it was either. Jason Miller promised unreal track prep, and he delivered on that promise.

Orient Express Racing Pro Street
Winner - Jeremy Teasley
Runner-up - Rodney Williford
#1 Qualifier - Rodney Williford / 6.699

With temperatures soaring and high humidity in the forecast, many weren’t expecting big numbers in the Orient Express Racing Pro Street class. But Pro Street never seems to disappoint, and we saw one of the most exciting rounds of competition this year, it was really anyone’s race to win. In round one of qualifying Jeremy Teasley had the lead with a 6.77, but then Justin Shakir took that away from DME with a 6.76 pass, but both finally conceded to Rodney Williford’s 6.69 pass in the final round of qualifying.

In the Shakir/Gargiulo rivalry, these two lined up for each qualifying round to give Justin Shakir a 2 to 1 win over Mark Gargiulo. Surely these two will rematch in July at the WPGC Bike Fest because we have been left the question, who really is the biggest Gangster?

Jason Dunigan ran a personal best of 6.752 during Thursday’s qualifying session; however he could not duplicate it in competition and will have to make another attempt to move up the GOAT list in July.

Brad Mummert’s Old School GS could not make it to the event with some finishing touches not entirely complete. His rider Richard Gadson rode Scott Crawford’s Turbo Hayabusa for this event to earn points for the bonus race at the World Cup Finals Import vs. Domestic event in November. They qualified with a 7.00, took out recent winner Gaige Herrera in round one with a 6.84, but could not get past Rodney Williford’s 6.79 in round two.

Gabe Frederick showed up to the MTC Summer Nationals after recently running his personal best of 6.792. He was able to improve in qualifying with a 6.724 to give him the number two qualifying position. He would make it all the way to the semi-final where he would take a loss to Jeremy Teasley.

Darion Payne would also improve his personal best with a 6.892 pass in round two of competition, but it would not be enough to get around Mark Gargiulo’s 6.837.

With nineteen competitors showing up for competition, and everyone running so well in the heat on a perfectly prepped track, everyone had a chance for victory. And when we say perfect, not one rider in Pro Street had a wheel spin off the starting line. As a matter of fact, no one was hanging out on the starting line this weekend for fear of losing their shoes to the track.

In competition, Rodney Williford and Jeremy Teasley would battle the hardest to meet in the final round. In 2017 the Williford team locked the DME Racing team out of the winner’s circle for the entire season. Rodney Williford made the fastest pass of the weekend in round one with a 6.690; however Williford’s average ET during eliminations was only a 6.936 to Teasley’s average 6.769. Williford took out, Sydney Marshall, Richard Gadson, and Justin Shakir on his way to the final, while Teasley had to take out Chris Edwards, teammate Chris Connelly Jr, and Gabe Frederick. Williford took a slight starting line advantage over Teasley but the DME Racing power held on to the finish line to earn the win running a 6.791 to his 7.512.

DME Racing and Williford Racing are now one and one for the year with XDA, but we don’t see this being a two-team battle this year as many others will be out for blood next month as the Fall Battle Royale nears. HTP’s new GSX-R100 entry ridden by Ryan Schnitz is still progressing and will be another bike to watch out for this year.

DME Racing Real Street
Winner - Eddie Chapman
Runner-up - Spencer Claycomb
#1 Qualifier - Spencer Claycomb / 7.789

The DME Racing Real Street class saw a new winner at the MTC Summer Nationals. Eddie Chapman who has been racing in Real Street for eight years finally got his first win! Chapman led qualifying for two rounds with a 7.837 while rookie standout Spencer Claycomb struggled until he finally overcame his gremlins and took the number one spot back with a 7.789 putting Eddie back in the number two qualifying spot. The battle continued into eliminations until these two met in the final round for an evenly matched battle, Chapman and Claycomb cut .079 and .075 lights respectively. But Chapman got the edge at the finish line running a 7.72 to Claycomb’s 7.76 sending him to his first Real Street winner’s circle.

But the story behind this win is what really matters. Only one week before the event, Chapman realized his motor was hurt and wasn’t going to make the event. He called DME Racing’s Andy Sawyer to let him know, but Sawyer told him to get his motor to the shop and that he would bring it to the event ready for him to race. So, Monday morning the engine was delivered to DME Racing, and was being reinstalled in the bike Friday afternoon at the track! Great work by the class sponsor and congratulations to Eddie Chapman on his first Real Street win! Will Claycomb and Chapman continue this battle? Come out to WPGC Bike Fest to find out.

Real Street is also getting a rule update that goes into effect for the next event in July. Jason Miller who is dedicated to growing this class has spoken to many racers and has decided the following changes will allow more bikes to enter the field and be competitive. And who doesn’t want an extra inch?

- Nitrous ZX-14 bikes are getting 1 more inch.
- Nitrous ZX-10 bikes are getting 2 more inches.
- All Motor 1000 bikes are getting 2 more inches.

With these changes we are hoping to see close to twenty bikes at the WPGC Bike Fest. Click here to read the complete Real Street Rules (www.xdaracing.com/rulebook/2018/realstreet.pdf)

HTP Performance Grudge

HTP Performance Grudge was insane Saturday night with 42 bikes entered along with the special "Running of the Bulls" event. The Miller track prep was so tight that bike owners were taking their slicks off and putting street tires on! These bikes were putting down the power, and the track was holding it all the way through the finish line. We were told by the Bulls that many of them made their fastest passes to date, even in the heat!
The Running of the Bulls featured three shootouts for this event: Pro Extreme, Pro Nitrous, and Pro Liter. And with Track prep ‘On Lock,’ we watched some of the best grudge parings this year. With 18K paid out in Grudge, it was a good weekend for some of these guys.

Pro Liter

Winner - Richard Gadson on Dead Man
Runner-up- Jaques Gaskins on Soldier of Fortune

In Pro Liter there were three entries, Lil Charlie Delee on Airwolf took a loss to Jaques Gaskins on Soldier of Fortune while Gadson got the bye. In the final Richard Gadson on Dead Man took out the Soldier of Fortune in a hard-fought win.

Pro Nitrous

Winner - John Fernandez on Under the Influence
Runner-up - Jeremy Teasley on Grave Digger

The Pro Nitrous class featured some of the fastest grudge bikes around with Trouble Man, Rocket Science, Hannibal, Yellow Jacket, Grave Digger, Kingpin, and Under the Influence. Round one winners would include Lavarr Delee on Trouble Man, Ken Grate on Hannibal, Jeremy Teasley on Grave Digger, and John Fernandez on Under the Influence.

In round two Fernandez would take out Delee while Teasley would take out Grate on the other side of the ladder.

In the final John Fernandez on Under the Influence took off from the starting line like a bullet, and while Grave Digger kept up most of the way, they just didn’t have the power to finish the job at the finish line.

Pro Extreme

Winner - Jeremy Teasley on Kool-Aid
Runner-up- Chris Moore on Cash is King

In what was one of the most looked for finals of the night, DME Racing’s Kool-Aid and Moore Mafia’s Cash Is King was what the crowd was waiting for. Both bikes left the line instantaneously, and while Kool-Aid laid down consistent power through its pass, Cash is King struggled to keep the front wheel down to hand the Sugar King the win. Some say Cash is King would have won if he didn’t wheelie, but the word ‘IF’ doesn’t change the outcome.

Oh Yeaahh, we almost forgot, Garrett Phillips on Side Bitch was taken out in round one by Kool-Aid, these side bitches never last.

Vance & Hines 4.60
Winner - Richard Gadson
Runner-up - Tim Shelton
#1 Qualifier - Alan Fields / 4.602

Vance & Hines 4.60 Index once again gave us an action-packed weekend of 1/8 mile racing. In five rounds of competition, this class saw no red lights, and the average light over five rounds was a .061 showing how cut-throat this class is. Richard Gadson, the hired gun on the Crusher Motorsports bike was deadly on the tree every round, with a .046 being his worst light of the day. He had his work cut out for him when he met Tim Shelton in the final. Shelton was cutting equally good lights, and in the final, he put a .002 light on Gadson’s .019. However, Gadson had the power to make it to the finish line first running a 4.605 to Shelton’s 4.638 sending the Crusher Motorsports Team to the winner’s circle.

On Saturday Mike Thyen won the special 4.60 Big Money Shootout, a $500 to enter, $4,000 winner take all race among eight riders that took place during qualifying.

The FBR Shop 5.60
#1 Qualifier - Duane Jackson / 6.601

The FBR Shop 5.60 class was one of the four categories that didn’t get to finish when the rain came in Sunday night. Number one qualifier Duane Jackson took a second-round loss to Stephen Knight who was one of the five racers still left in the class. Boo Brown, Shayne Proctor, Spencer Claycomb and Freddy Frazier also still had a chance for a victory before mother nature broke loose on the track. But these sportsmen will be back in Maryland next month ready for another attempt at victory.

Shinko Tires Crazy 8’s
#1 Qualifier - CJ Fair / 8.909

When the rain came in on Sunday night, the Shinko Tires Crazy 8’s class left several heavy hitters dismayed over losing the chance for a win. Jeremy Teasley, Spencer Claycomb, and Fred Reid were still standing after the quarterfinal round. Teasley was about to get a bye in the semi-final to ensure himself a final round finish against Claycomb or Reid. They will have to settle for another chance at a win next month at the WPGC Bike Fest.

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels Top Sportsman
Winner - Wilson Burkhead
Runner-up - George Shriver
#1 Qualifier – Ryan Bonitatis / 7.603

For the second event in a row, Ryan Bonitatis took the #1 qualifying position with a 7.603 in Mickey Thompson Performance Top Sportsman. Bonitatis made it to round three where he took a loss to the eventual winner on a break-out pass. Class newcomer Michael Daddio took a red-light loss in the second round to Robin Procopio ending his hope for a final round finish. Wilson Burkhead qualified twenty-fifth with an 8.329 and proved that having skill wins over being fast in any sportsman class. George Shriver who qualified sixteenth with an 8.199 took the starting line advantage over Burkhead with a .016 to his .059 light. But Shriver would lose the battle at the finish line on a breakout pass, sending Wilson Burkhead and his team to the winner’s circle for the first time in Top Sportsman.

MPS Racing Pro ET
Winner - Dale Hamilton
Runner-up - Dana Mack

Dale Hamilton is always a fierce competitor and this year is no exception with two wins under his belt before coming into the MTC Summer Nationals. In MPS Racing Pro ET Hamilton proved you should never back down. After taking a first-round loss to Fred Reid, he bought back in and went on to win 7 rounds of competition to take the win over Dana Mack. With that $40 gamble, Hamilton earned himself a $3,000 payday on Saturday. Hamilton had also won 4 rounds of competition on Sunday before the rain came in and ended the event.

Brock’s Performance Street ET
Winner - Dana Mack
Runner-up - Pablo Gonzalez

In Brock’s Performance Street ET, Dana Mack was the man to beat on Saturday. Not only did Mack win Street ET, but he also took the runner-up finish in Pro ET giving him 14 round wins in two classes. Mack faced off in the final against Pablo Gonzalez who was always the first bike in the lanes when the class was called. Unfortunately for team Puerto Rico, Gonzalez cut his first bad light of the day against Mack, giving away the starting line advantage and the win.

This was Dana Mack’s first Street ET win, and also his first-time racing at VMP. On Sunday Gonzalez went on to win four rounds of Pro ET before the rain came in and ended the event. Both Mack and Gonzalez will be back in August ready to battle it out for another win.

For full qualifying and round-by-round results of the event, visit xdaracing.com.

The next stop for the 2018 XDA season will be back at the Maryland International Raceway for the famed 18th annual WPGC Bike Fest on July 27-29, 2018! This is the biggest XDA event of the year! The event will also feature Live Bands, Bikini Contest, Sound Competition, Custom Bike Show, Beer Garden with Bikini Bartenders and a vendor midway full of great deals on motorcycle parts, accessories and apparel.

Visit www.XDAracing.com for event information, class rules, schedule and more.

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