Hungry XDA Racers Gear Up to Devour Competition at MIR


On June 28-30, 2024, the XDA heads back to Maryland International for the 6th annual Superbike Showdown. After a two-month hiatus due to the weather-canceled MTC Summer Nationals, racers are eager to return to the track with renewed vigor and determination.

This highly anticipated event features over 600 Professional, Sportsman, and Grudge motorcycle racers, all competing throughout the weekend for a share of the impressive $90,000 cash purse. Spectators can also look forward to a bustling vendor midway, offering great deals on motorcycle parts, accessories, and apparel.

XDA is committed to providing a competitive arena that is not only thrilling but also secure and professional for every racer. Whether it's the precision of index racing, the strategy of bracket battles, or the high stakes of the Gambler's race, there's something for everyone. This event is more than just a competition; it's a weekend-long festival celebrating speed, skill, and the essence of motorcycle racing.

In addition to the substantial cash prizes, the Superbike Showdown will feature a vast vendor midway with fantastic deals on motorcycle parts, accessories, and apparel. And on Saturday night from 4 pm-11 pm, don't miss the HTP Performance Afterdark Underground, featuring Grudge Racing, the Running of the Bulls, and more Pro Qualifiers. It's set to be an unforgettable evening of high-octane excitement!

Orient Express Racing Pro Street

Get ready for an adrenaline rush as the world’s most electrifying street-tire motorcycles roar back into the spotlight for the exhilarating Orient Express Pro Street class. Witness these engineering marvels—each boasting over 650 horsepower—shatter expectations. Every launch off the line is a spectacle, sending shockwaves through the crowd as they blaze down the quarter-mile at jaw-dropping speeds exceeding 230 mph, all in a breathtaking six seconds. The raw power and precision of these machines create an unforgettable experience, making every race a must-see event.

Next weekend, twenty-two racers are headed to MIR with a collective goal: block Rodney Williford from securing his fourth consecutive year of dominance. Known for his impeccable skill and tactical prowess, Williford is the racer to beat. His rivals are gearing up for what promises to be a fierce competition, determined to dethrone the champion. Despite the fierce opposition, Williford is expected to maintain his focus and continue his winning streak, proving why he is a formidable force in the Pro Street class. This showdown is set to be a highlight of the season, showcasing the intense rivalry and unparalleled excitement of motorcycle drag racing.

The Race to the World Cup Finals

The stakes are higher than ever, with Pro Street racers vying not only for the championship title but also for coveted spots at the 28th annual Haltech World Cup Finals presented by Wiseco. This prestigious event is set to take place at the Maryland International Raceway from October 30 to November 3, 2024. With an expected audience of over 50,000 racing enthusiasts and a substantial $5,000 prize from Platinum General Services, the competition is brutal. Racers are pushing their limits, knowing that only the top ten in points will earn the chance to compete on one of drag racing’s grandest stages. This high-stakes showdown promises to be a highlight of the racing calendar, showcasing the best talent and the most thrilling races of the season.

DME Racing Real Street

Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping world of the DME Racing Real Street class, where street-legal sportbikes defy conventional limits. Designed for bikes with minimal modifications and a hand clutch, this class showcases awe-inspiring speeds of up to 190 mph and lightning-quick 7-second runs. The Real Street class is a thrilling blend of raw power and refined engineering, capturing the essence of street racing while adhering to strict regulations that ensure safety and fairness.

David Fondon, a proven champion known for his dominance across various classes, is the rider to beat. His rivals, including previous class champion Mark Hylton, know that stopping him at the next event is crucial to prevent him from gaining too much of a points lead. The championship battle hinges on preventing him from securing an unassailable lead before mid-season, promising a showdown of epic proportions next weekend. With intense competition and high stakes, the upcoming event is set to be a must-watch for all racing enthusiasts.

MaxxECU Pro Xtreme

MaxxECU Pro Xtreme is an exhilarating class that epitomizes the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, featuring the world's fastest turbocharged, supercharged, and nitrous-injected motorcycles. These powerful machines are equipped with big tires and wheelie bars, designed to harness their immense power and maintain stability. Competitors in this category consistently dazzle the crowds with astonishing three-second sprints over the eighth-mile, showcasing the incredible engineering and precision that push the boundaries of speed to new heights.

The MaxxECU Pro Xtreme class highlights not only the technical prowess of the motorcycles but also the exceptional skill and bravery of the riders who pilot these high-speed marvels. Each race is a spectacle of raw power and engineering excellence, making it a must-see event for all motorsport enthusiasts.

MaxxECU Pro Xtreme is presented by Billy Vose Racing, Fast by Gast, DME Racing, Dunigan Racing, Grothus Dragbikes, Harley Haul, Rob Bush Motorsports, Robinson Industries, Schnitz Racing, Timblin Chassis, and Worldwide Bearings.

HTP Performance Super Stock

The battle for supremacy in the HTP Performance Super Stock class hinges on who can master the clutch this weekend. Governed by stringent rules, this class keeps modifications to a minimum: stock wheelbase, stock motor, MR12 spec fuel, and no technological aids like air shifters or dataloggers. There's simply no room for error. With one less chance to earn points this year, grabbing the points lead will be crucial, and victory could go to any skilled contender ready to seize the opportunity.

HTP Performance Afterdark

Prepare for an electrifying Saturday night as dusk falls. The HTP Performance Afterdark Underground program will satisfy your adrenaline appetite with the ‘Running of the Bulls’ grudge shootouts and nonstop 'Clocks Off' racing, offering pure, unbridled competition. It's not just about scoring those crucial points; it's a chance for the racers to showcase their skill on one of the best-prepared grudge surfaces anywhere. #KillerMillerSpiller

So, open your wallets, gather your friends, and make your way to witness the spectacle. The lineup features five elite Shootout classes: the Boosted Bulls (Turbo Bikes), Nitrous Bulls (Nitrous Bikes), 3 Sixty 5 Transport Monster Bulls (Heavyweights), Tommie's Motorsports DMV Bulls (Rising Stars), and All Motor Bulls. This is a night of high-octane excitement you won’t want to miss!

Vance & Hines 4.60

The Vance & Hines 4.60 is celebrated as the fastest eighth-mile sportsman index category in motorcycle drag racing. With only 660 feet to make their mark, competitors require unmatched precision and speed to navigate the four-tenths pro tree. This electrifying short distance amplifies the intensity, where every millisecond and every move can determine victory or defeat.

This premier category attracts the sport’s elite, transforming even the qualifying rounds into a showcase of high-octane determination as racers give their all in every pass. Expect a spectacle of skill and speed, where legends are forged, and hearts are broken on the race track. The Vance & Hines 4.60 is more than just a race; it is a testament to the spirit and passion that fuel this adrenaline-charged sport.

XDA Sportsman

The XDA showcases the pinnacle of sportsman racing with a thrilling lineup of six distinct classes. Each class exemplifies the highest levels of precision, skill, and competitive spirit, making it a must-see event for every race enthusiast. Participants will battle it out in the finely-tuned 1 Stop Speed 5.60 Index, the fiercely competitive Mickey Thompson Tires Top Sportsman, the strategic VooDoo Components Bracket Bash, the demanding MPS Racing Pro ET, the adrenaline-pumping Brock's Performance Street ET, and the crowd-favorite Hard Times Parts & Service Gambler's race on Friday night.

At XDA, sportsman racers are the cornerstone of each event, commanding the spotlight. With a professional atmosphere and $28,000 in guaranteed payouts at each race, XDA elevates these classes, celebrating the exceptional skill and dedication of the sportsman racers who give their all on the track. Experience the thrill where true stars shine in XDA's sportsman racing classes.

Make plans now to come out and watch or, better yet, #racewithXDA on June 28-30, 2024.

Visit www.xdaracing.com for event information, class rules, payouts, entry fees, schedule, and more.

Class Entry List and Resources
XDA prides itself on having a close-knit group of racers. Below, you will find a list of racers attending this event and links to class-specific groups that you can access to talk to other racers and get your questions answered. Together, we are strong.

XDA Facebook Groups

• XDA Racers - https://bit.ly/3feasis
• Pro Street - https://bit.ly/3fgZx7D
• Real Street - https://bit.ly/3hmHvm8
• Pro Xtreme - https://bit.ly/30AsBmu
• 4.60 Index - https://bit.ly/2UADKA6
• Super Stock - https://bit.ly/3hlXsZN
• 5.60 Index - https://bit.ly/3fjOBpZ

Orient Express Pro Street Roll Call:
Jamie Lopes, Shawn Pinkney, Darion Payne, Greg Wallace, James Herbert, Ricky Wood, James Waugh, Justin Shakir, Kenny Brewer, Jason Dunigan, Jayson Geerman, Mark Rendeluk, Curtis Brown, Brett Ware, Brad Christian, Ryan Bonitatis, Tony Ficher, Andrew Ritchey, Rodney Williford, Chris Moore, Travis Wood, David Fondon, and Michael Sweeney Jr.

DME Racing Real Street Roll Call:
Ty Isaac, Courtlan Whiting, Dystany Spurlock, Jason Iannotti, Bud Harrod,David Stewart, Anibal Merced, Caleb Holt, Rickey Gadson, George Cross, Drae Taylor, Gregg Dahl (Harley), Mike Motto (Harley), and Andy Simon (Harley).

MaxxECU Pro Xtreme Roll Call:
Chris Theodoridis, Chris Cutsinger, Gerry Hunt, Rob Garcia, John Collins, Dale Leeks, and Kevin Clarke.

HTP Performance Super Stock Roll Call:
Marcus Queen, Tim Cottrell, Mike Davis, Felton Goodwin Sr, Felton Goodwin Jr, Bubba Wallace, Jeremy Teasley, Jamie Lopes, Sean Henson, Ryan Rosario, Patrick Cooper, Seth Leach, Tylan Leach, Jimmy Leach, Terry Geesey, Caleb Holt, Ed Murphy, Jyrec Givens, Mike Geer, Rickey Gadson, Brandon Pryer, RobertetLyne Séguin, Brian Johnson, Blake Johnson, andDarion Payne.

Vance & Hines 4.60 Index Roll Call:
Ronnie Reece, Darion Payne, Mike Mace, Kenny Cornnell, Eran Pielert, Durwood Rawlings, Kendall Butler, Joe Procopio, Ronnie Procopio, Troy Hausman, Derek Shelton, Wes Hawkins, Ron Bonitatis, Tyrone Curry, Mike Beverly, Kenny Morgan, Tyrone Curry, Jeff Lindeman, Kenny Morgan, Terry Tompkins, Maurice Michie, Tim Shelton, Harvey Hubbard, Boo Brown, Scott Saemisch, Lowry Callahan, Mac McAdams, Jimmy Shifflett, John Hall, Mike Stewart, Brad Gleason, Kevin White, Mike Rankin, Rick Bunting, Michael Thyen, Mike Ostrowski, 37 James Taylor, Steven Shriver, Mike Ostrowski, Robbie Hunnicutt, Tony Hunnicutt, Mark Schwalm, Curtis Griggs, Larry Leftwich, Ellis Pierce, Darryl Hollins, Rickey Butler Jr, and Barry Pryer.

About XDA Racing:
The Xtreme Dragbike Association (XDA) is an east coast motorcycle drag racing series with 600+ motorcycle racers competing at each event. Every XDA event hosts professional classes, sportsman classes, grudge racing and a vendor midway. Lifestyle activities such as bike shows, bikini contests, DJ and live bands are also held at select events. For more information on the XDA, please visit www.xdaracing.com or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @xdaracing