XDA Makes Changes to the Bike Fest & Bike Bash in 2020

The year 2020 has thrown everyone a lot of curve balls due to COVID-19, but we all continue to adjust to the changes the best that we can and keep on rolling. We are excited to get our first XDA event of the season started at Maryland International Raceway on June 19-21 with the FuelTech Superbike Showdown. Even though we are not allowed to have spectators yet, we are permitted to have racers, crew, families, media and sponsors in attendance at the event.

Looking ahead to the next couple of XDA events in the summer, we have the Bike Fest event on July 24-26 at Maryland International Raceway and the Bike Bash event on August 21-23 at Virginia Motorsports Park. These events normally have our full XDA racing program plus additional entertainment such as Live Bands, DJs, Bikini Contests, Freestyle MX, Sound Competitions and Custom Bike Shows.

As of the writing of this press release, Maryland and Virginia are still not permitted to have fans at racetracks. That could change in the coming weeks and we certainly hope it does. However keeping all the Live Bands, DJs, Bikini Contestants, Freestyle MX team, Sound Competition and Custom Bike Show participants committed to July and August dates to the last minute in hopes that spectators are permitted to attend these events is something that we do not feel is fair to the people that provide this awesome entertainment. We would rather remove the entertainment commitments for 2020 to allow them to plan gigs in other states that already allow these types of activities.

WPGC has also suspended all outdoor event appearances until the fourth quarter, so they are also unable to attend the Bike Fest on July 24-26. We have been in dialogue with WPGC for the past couple of months regarding this, and even though they cannot attend in 2020 they are excited to return in 2021 with the WPGC Bike Fest.

Also, we will not be running the Paint The 1/4 Pink program at the Bike Fest in July this year due to the restrictions in place by the state. The fans who do most of the donating are unable to attend, and the charities are not permitted to attend this year either with the current regulations in Maryland set forth by the Governor and health department. But we will have the Paint The 1/4 Pink back in 2021!

I would like to thank WPGC, the International Bikini Team, Freestyle MX team, and Rickie Will and his team at Team Money Cycles for their effort and consideration as we work through these changes. They have also graciously allowed us to apply our 2020 entertainment deposits toward the 2021 race season. We could not ask for a better group of people to work with.

For 2020, the July 24-26 XDA event at Maryland International Raceway has been renamed to the Platinum Fleet Repair Bike Fest since we were unable to complete the April event that PFR sponsored.

Also, the Aug 21-23 XDA event at Virginia Motorsports Park has been renamed to the MTC Engineering Bike Bash since we were unable to complete the May event that MTC sponsored.

In short, all 4 of the remaining XDA events in 2020 on June 19-21, July 24-26, August 21-23 and September 18-20 will be run as racing only events. There will be no additional entertainment at these events. We will still also run the DME Racing Real Street Royal Rumble 5k at Virginia in August, and the Orient Express Pro Street Battle Royale 10K in Maryland in September.

Even with the entertainment modules removed for 2020, they will all return in 2021. And we still have one hell of a racing season to run at XDA in 2020 - see you at the track!

For more information about the XDA, please visit www.XDAracing.com.  



Jun 19-21: MDIR
Jul 24-26: MDIR
Aug 21-23: VMP
Sept 18-20: MDIR